Thursday, April 29, 2010

Keep it up, kid!

Wow! Another month with a SED rate of 1. I don't even know what to think of it at this point. We're down to 1/2 ml of oral Prednisone per day now (plus our Naproxen and Kineret). As an added bonus, I did an experiment and took Robby off of the iron drops he's been taking to see if his iron levels would remain normal without them and they did! Dr. H. agrees we can stay off of the iron drops as long as his iron stays normal. This is a big win because the iron makes him really constipated which I then have to try to treat with Miralax. This way we are cutting two drugs out of the equation.

I think I've finally found something to replace some of that lost feeling I was experiencing when I left my job. I've opened an Etsy store and I'm making items for babies and kids like hats and crocheted stuffed animals. I hope to expand to things for grown-ups too (hats, bags, scarfs) as well as home items and eventually pet stuff. I started out mainly crocheting, but I'm becoming more and more interested in sewing so hopefully I'll be able to expand my skills in that area. It's just a small side venture, and I really don't expect to make a living at it any time soon, but it's giving me something to focus on that's mine and that feels good. I have a little business of my own---a place to put my energies and use my creativity. I've missed that since I started the stay at home gig.

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