Monday, August 24, 2009

Time Marches On...

Robby was really having a rough time again this morning. He got out of bed and did the same two or three steps and then crying thing. After I got him past the initial waking up, I made him walk on his own as much as possible. I know it hurts, but I think mobility is the best thing for him right now. I did notice he was getting around more easily the more he walked, so I think I made the right choice.

I talked to the rheum nurse this morning about the prior authorization situation for the kineret. She said the doctor filled it out and they sent it to the case review unit at the insurance company on Friday. She was going to call today to follow up on it. I let her know that he is in a lot of pain and it's getting worse pretty rapidly so if this was going to take much longer I wanted to explore some other option. She seemed to think it shouldn't take long so I am willing to wait and see. I just don't feel like the little guy has a lot of time here--the pain is escalating at a really rapid pace. The way she explained it to me is this is just a paper the doctor fills out explaining why this medication is medically necessary. She seems confident it will be approved. I hope she is right. I hate this battling the insurance part of the equation.

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