Monday, August 31, 2009

It's getting easier...

The Kineret injections are getting easier as we go. Mainly, we are developing a routine which helps us all adjust to this new aspect of our lives. The rundown:

While we are preparing dinner, we lay the Kineret syringe out on the counter so it can come to room temperature. The literature says it can be at room temperature for up to twelve hours. Ours ends up being out for about two at the most. When it is time to prep the injection, one of us will take Robby into the living room and read him a book. The other will get the injection ready out of sight in the kitchen. The key is to minimize what he sees ahead of time so he has as little time to anticipate and be anxious as possible. Once we start to take him to the table he knows what is happening and starts to say "No!" and cry. It's not as bad as before though. He cries pretty loudly while he is getting the shot, but he is really interested in the Spider Man band-aid so that is step one of the distraction. We also bought a notebook with Cars characters on the cover and some stickers. Once the shot is over, he gets to pick out a sticker and put it in the notebook. Tonight he was done crying by the time the sticker was placed in the notebook. Pretty big improvement over where we started.

It is getting easier for me, too. The very first time I injected him, I felt queasy leading up to it. I felt very calm during--but as soon as I was finished I started to shake. The second time I didn't get that sick feeling before, just the shakes after. Now I am fine. Seeing him recover quickly helps. So does seeing how much the Kineret seems to be helping him already. I really feel in my heart like we are doing the right thing.

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