Friday, August 28, 2009

We did it!

Yesterday was the big day. My husband and I went into Children's to get our education on giving Robby the Kineret injections. I was a little surprised when the nurse told me that we would be giving him his first injection, but it made sense that she needed to see us do it to make sure we were placing it properly and that we could actually go through with it. I decided to give him the first shot. After all of the instructions and practice, I drew up the dose, CK (my husband) got Robby in the hold like the nurse instructed, and Robby started to cry a little. I counted to three and poked him with the needle. I was a little surprised at how easily it went into his skin. The only thing I need to do differently is to push the plunger down faster. I was a little slow with it (thinking the medicine might not sting as badly if I didn't push it in fast) and he started to squirm a bit which creates potential for the needle to pop out of his skin or injure him. So I will go faster next time. As soon as I set the empty syringe down, I started to shake--but I was relieved that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We can do this! I know in a few short weeks it will all seem routine and not a big deal at all. I am also happy to report there is zero injection site reaction so far. All I could see this morning was a tiny pink dot where he got poked. Fingers crossed that this stays the case.

I started telling Robby on Wednesday that we were going to the doctor the next day to get a new medicine that would make his knees feel better. He was really excited. I waited until Thursday morning to tell him it was going to be a shot. He kind of frowned, but I told him it would be a little shot and he seemed OK. Last night he was talking to me about how the shot hurt and I finally decided to tell him we would have to do it every day. He was upset about it, but I reminded him that this was to make his knees better so he can walk around and play. I told him it was a little scary for me too, but we needed to be really brave for each other. He sighed a little and then smiled at me and said, "OK, mommy. I be brave." My heart ached that a two year old has to deal with these things. I am so proud of him though. He has handled everything so well. We plan to get him his own special calendar and stickers so that he can put a sticker in the box after each shot. He seems to really like the stickers they give him at the hospital, so I think this will help. Plus picking one out will give him something immediate to take his mind off of the shot he just received.

I know it has to be too soon for the medicine to be working, but he was able to walk right after waking up this morning. I think it's because he had ice packs yesterday afternoon and a bath before bedtime. I also think maybe all the talk about how this new medicine is going to make him better has him believing it is (or at least will) and he is brave enough to try even through the pain. It was kind of amusing last night--his toys were everywhere! I wasn't used to it after these days of his not being able to walk and not really playing. CK said he was happy that Robby was well enough to make a mess. I agree!

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